Golden Cowrie Shell Bracelet

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Golden Cowrie Shell Bracelet

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Cauri shell bracelet with golden shells and gray cord

Shine brightly by wearing this golden cauri shell bracelet! This fancy accessory could become one of your favorite lucky charms! Its small golden porcelain cauri shells number five, and are decorated with a gold color, which is synonymous with wealth and class. The shade of this gray cord may seem sad but it is not: this color goes well with all styles, and will perfectly complement the design of this wrist set! Its white beads are resistant and discreet. And you, how will you wear this shell jewel?


  • Style: Fine mesh cord
  • Materials: cotton, real Cauri shells
  • Clasp: sliding marine clasp with beads
  • Colors: white, gray, gold
  • Size: adjustable, 16-22 cm
  • Details: meticulous, precise, and comfortable