Surfer Necklace Trend
Surfer Necklace Trend
Surfer Necklace Trend
Surfer Necklace Trend

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Surfer Necklace Trend

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Trendy Surfer Choker Necklace with Beads

Choose the trend of marine jewelry by wearing this superb trendy surfer necklace! With its white, blue, and black vinyl discs, it will appeal to the trendiest among you. Its simple and clean design makes it an ideal necklace for a successful surfing session, for both men and women. Grab your board and you can calmly defy the waves of the ocean! Its silver clasp is made of a metal alloy, making it resistant to the swell. As it is of the carabiner type, you can easily attach and detach it.


  • Style: fine chain with flat beads
  • Materials: vinyl discs, stainless steel and zinc alloy
  • Clasp: carabiner
  • Colors: white, black, turquoise
  • Size: adjustable, 40-50 cm
  • Details: meticulous, precise, and comfortable