Silver Shell Pendant

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Silver Shell Pendant

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Silver seashell necklace with multiple pendants

Merge with the goddess Aphrodite with this silver seashell pendant! Its four silver medallions are elegant, soft, and refined. You will have no excuse not to be trendy at parties, at work, or at a wedding with this pendant! In addition, the chains of this necklace are all made of steel and zinc, which gives them authenticity, robustness, and softness. Decorated with silver paint, this set will make you fall in love every time! With this seashell jewel and long, black hair, you will be perfect!


  • Style: Fine chain links and pendants
  • Materials: Zinc and stainless steel
  • Clasp: Lobster clasp
  • Colors: Silver
  • Size: Adjustable, 45-50 cm, 50-55 cm, 55-60 cm, 60-65 cm
  • Set of 4 necklaces
  • Details: Careful, precise, and comfortable