Shell Pendant XXL
Shell Pendant XXL
Shell Pendant XXL

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Shell Pendant XXL

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XXL Size Seashell Pendant Necklace with Various Shells

Looking for a big, eye-catching piece of jewelry? Then let yourself be seduced by this XXL seashell pendant necklace! Wide and large enough, this set will perfectly suit both slim and curvy silhouettes. This pendant is adorned with multiple shells, ranging from white to beige, including starfish, whelks, scallops, and pearls... We recommend wearing this seashell jewelry with a deep neckline black dress.


  • Style: Fine and thick chain links with pearls
  • Materials: Zinc and stainless steel, real shells
  • Clasp: Lobster clasp
  • Colors: White and gold
  • Size: Adjustable, 55-65 cm
  • Details: Careful, precise, and comfortable