Gold Shell Pendant
Gold Shell Pendant

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Gold Shell Pendant

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Gold Shell Pendant Necklace with Golden Cowries

A certain presence and elegance emanate from this gold shell pendant. Its white cowries arranged as pendants are charged with ancient history. Indeed, they were used as therapy because they are synonymous with gentleness, elegance, and openness to the world. The chains of this necklace have been designed to streamline your neck and offer you a comfortable adornment. We advise you to wear this shell jewel with a beige or white blouse for even more class!


    • Style: fine chain with pendants
    • Materials: zinc and stainless steel, real shells Cowries
    • Clasp: lobster clasp
    • Colors: gold and white
    • Size: adjustable, 35-40 cm, 45-50 cm, 55-60 cm
    • Set of 3 necklaces
    • Details: meticulous, precise, and comfortable