Shell Pendant Ammonite Necklace
Shell Pendant Ammonite Necklace

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Shell Pendant Ammonite Necklace

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Golden Ammonite Shell Pendant Necklace

This ammonite shell pendant necklace is so elegant... Its small golden medallion evokes the delicacy of the sea, and is charged with a strong and authentic history. Ammonites are fossils of marine animals that lived millions of years ago. It is said that the beauty of the sea is trapped inside... Additionally, the chain of this pendant is trendy and robust! We recommend wearing this shell jewelry with a blue or purple t-shirt.


  • Style: Fine chain links
  • Materials: Zinc and stainless steel
  • Clasp: Lobster clasp
  • Colors: Gold
  • Size: Adjustable, 60-65 cm
  • Details: Careful, precise, and comfortable