Gold Cowrie Shell Necklace

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Gold Cowrie Shell Necklace

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Gold cowrie shell and white pearl choker necklace

This chic gold cowrie shell necklace is synonymous with freedom and escape. Its small white pearls and black cord will take you on a journey to the palace of Poseidon, the god of the oceans. In addition, this choker easily detaches and attaches thanks to its clasp that ties in an instant! As for its cowrie shells, they are genuine shells from the Indian Ocean! They are also decorated with a beautiful gold paint. We highly recommend pairing this shell jewelry with a black swimsuit or dress.


  • Style: Fine mesh cord with pearls
  • Materials: Cotton, real shells (Cowrie)
  • Clasp: Simple knot clasp with pearls
  • Colors: White, black, and gold
  • Size: Adjustable, 35-45 cm
  • Details: Careful, precise, and comfortable