Shell Necklace Coffee Bean
Shell Necklace Coffee Bean

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Shell Necklace Coffee Bean

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Coffee bean necklace with cowrie shell and chain links

The originality and complexity of this coffee bean shell necklace are very trendy! Its golden pendants and cowrie shells remind us of sandy beaches... Formerly used as currency, cowries are now basic pieces for jewelers! Discreet, but original, its coffee bean chain will complete your look with love and delicacy. You could try a off-white or beige top with this shell jewel!


  • Style: Fine chain links
  • Materials: Zinc and stainless steel, real cowrie shell
  • Clasp: Lobster clasp
  • Colors: Gold and white
  • Size: Adjustable, 35-40 cm, 2*45-50 cm, 60-65 cm
  • Set of 4 necklaces
  • Details: Careful, precise, and comfortable