Seashell Eye Bracelet with Blue Beads
Seashell Eye Bracelet with Blue Beads

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Seashell Eye Bracelet with Blue Beads

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Couleur:Blue Clair

Blue pearl bracelet and white cowrie shell with an eye

Immerse yourself in the legend of this cowrie shell eye and blue pearl bracelet! It is said that this adornment would ward off evil spirits and make you wise and serene thanks to its small eye... Blue is the color of the ocean, dreams, and travel. That is why its pearls are colored in this hue: to symbolize the sea and its delicate spray... As for its shell, it is simply a cowrie shell, a classic among classics! Yes, this shell jewelry will make you elegant and trendy.


  • Style: fine mesh cord
  • Materials: cotton, real cowrie shell
  • Clasp: sliding knot marine clasp
  • Colors: blue and white
  • Size: adjustable, 16-22 cm
  • Details: meticulous, precise, and comfortable