Seashell Bracelet Maurice
Seashell Bracelet Maurice

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Seashell Bracelet Maurice

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Maurice Shell Bracelet with Silver Cowrie Shell and Blue Beads

Transport your style with this Maurice shell bracelet, a jewel from a beautiful little island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. With its blue beads like the sea, it will enhance your outfit and bring a whimsical and original touch. As for its small cowrie shell, usually white but today silver, it is often found on the sandy beaches of the island of Mauritius! Its gray cotton cord is irresistible and delicate, perfect for a confident woman. In short, transport your style to a new level with this beautiful shell jewel!


  • Style: Fine mesh cord
  • Materials: cotton, real cowrie shell
  • Clasp: sliding marine knot
  • Colors: gray, blue, turquoise, and silver
  • Size: adjustable, 16-22 cm
  • Details: meticulous, precise, and comfortable