Senegal Seashell Bracelet Cowries
Senegal Seashell Bracelet Cowries

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Senegal Seashell Bracelet Cowries

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Bracelet made of cowrie shells originating from Senegal

By wearing this Senegal Cowrie Shell Bracelet, there is no need to travel to Africa! This iconic accessory from Senegal will transport you and awaken your senses and beauty. It is said that the spirit of the sea is contained within the cowrie shells that make up this bracelet... In fact, such adornments are commonly used during rituals or African celebrations in certain tribes. Connected to the spirit of the sea, cowrie shells are delicate and are said to contain the soul of a lion... Get ready for a fashion journey with this whimsical shell jewelry!


  • Style: fine mesh cord
  • Materials: cotton, real cowrie shells
  • Clasp: sliding marine clasp with beads
  • Colors: white, gold, and brown
  • Size: adjustable, 16-22 cm
  • Details: meticulous, precise, and comfortable