Gold Shell Pendant

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Gold Shell Pendant

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Shell necklace with gold pendant and gold medallions

Reconnect with luxury and elegance with this gold shell pendant. Inspired by the most beautiful jewelry in the world, its small gold and rhinestone medallions, as well as its cowries, will embellish your chest. Whether you decide to wear each pendant separately or as a whole (which we recommend), this necklace will transform your style! We advise you to wear this shell jewelry with a fine linen sweater, white or beige.


    • Style: Fine chain links
    • Materials: zinc and stainless steel, rhinestones, real shell Cowrie
    • Clasp: lobster clasp
    • Colors: gold and white
    • Size: adjustable, 45-50 cm, 50-55 cm, 55-60 cm, 60-65 cm.
    • Set of 4 necklaces
    • Details: meticulous, precise, and comfortable