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Gold seashell cowrie necklace with gold medallion pendant

Adorn yourself with this beautiful gold cowrie necklace! Its multiple layers will bring a bohemian effect to your look, without overwhelming it. Indeed, its gold chains are pleasant to wear thanks to their sturdy and comfortable materials. In various sizes, they can be worn together or separately, for a chic or sober effect! This shell jewelry is adorned with a small cowrie pendant, a marine animal that lives in the Pacific and Indian oceans. Finally, its medallion adds a vintage effect, you will love its precise engravings and finishes.


  • Style: Fine and thick chain links
  • Materials: zinc and stainless steel, real cowrie shell
  • Clasp: lobster clasp
  • Colors: white and gold
  • Size: adjustable, 50-55 cm, 55-60 cm, 60-65 cm
  • Set of 3 necklaces
  • Details: meticulous, precise, and comfortable