Choker Necklace with Shell Charm
Choker Necklace with Shell Charm

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Choker Necklace with Shell Charm

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Shell choker necklace with gold charm and colorful beads

Adorn yourself with fresh and energetic colors with this lovely shell choker necklace with charm! Its four delicate chain strands are adorned with colorful beads, ranging from yellow to blue, pink, and white. Your outfit will exude happiness and summer vibes with this necklace! The golden pendants are imitations of cowrie shells, scallops, and starfish, true symbols of the ocean. This choker set will enhance a simple outfit. In short, choose this beautiful and trendy shell jewelry!


  • Style: delicate chain strands and beads
  • Materials: zinc and stainless steel
  • Clasp: lobster clasp
  • Colors: white, yellow, blue, pink, and gold
  • Size: adjustable, 35-45 cm, 50-55 cm, 55-60 cm, 65-70 cm
  • Set of 4 necklaces
  • Details: meticulous, precise, and comfortable