Seashell Anklet Underwater Background
Seashell Anklet Underwater Background

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Seashell Anklet Underwater Background

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Modèle:Blue Foncé

Underwater Seashell Anklet with White Cowrie Shell and Blue Cord

Succumb to the delicacy of this superb underwater seashell anklet! Its small white cowrie shell is both delicate and original, a choice and natural accessory that reminds us of the sea and its spray. It is accompanied by small colored beads, white or cyan, which adorn a pretty blue cord, finely braided for maximum comfort. This anklet is a deep blue, reminiscent of the underwater depths of the oceans, where fish and mollusks proliferate. This seashell jewel is perfect for a successful summer. It will complement your look with finesse and elegance, no matter your style.


  • Style: cord with fine mesh
  • Materials: cotton, real seashell Cowrie
  • Closure: sliding marine clasp with beads
  • Colors: blue, white, and gold
  • Size: adjustable, 16-22 cm
  • Details: meticulous, precise, and comfortable