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"Collier Papou Coquillage Pendentif" translates to "Papuan Necklace Shell Pendant" in English.Papuan Necklace Shell Pendant
White and Gold Shell NecklaceWhite and Gold Shell Necklace
Gold and White Shell NecklaceGold and White Shell Necklace
White Shell Necklace GuadeloupeWhite Shell Necklace Guadeloupe
Genuine Shell Pendant NecklaceGenuine Shell Pendant Necklace
Tahitian Shell Choker NecklaceTahitian Shell Choker Necklace
Shell Necklace Cowrie StonesShell Necklace Cowrie Stones
Long Shell NecklaceLong Shell Necklace

Long Shell Necklace

Sale price$15.99
Surfer Shell NecklaceSurfer Shell Necklace

Surfer Shell Necklace

Sale price$22.99
Hawaiian Shell NecklaceHawaiian Shell Necklace

Hawaiian Shell Necklace

Sale price$22.99
Golden Shell NecklaceGolden Shell Necklace

Golden Shell Necklace

Sale price$24.99
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Tahitian White Shell NecklaceTahitian White Shell Necklace

Tahitian White Shell Necklace

Sale price$22.99 Regular price$24.99
Shell Necklace Cowrie

Shell Necklace Cowrie

Sale price$19.99
Golden Shell NecklaceGolden Shell Necklace

Golden Shell Necklace

Sale price$22.99
White Shell Choker Necklace SetWhite Shell Choker Necklace Set
Fancy Shell NecklaceFancy Shell Necklace

Fancy Shell Necklace

Sale price$15.99
Shell Necklace 80sShell Necklace 80s

Shell Necklace 80s

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Shell Pendant Necklace White
Silver Shell Choker Necklace
Shell Necklace with Pearl and ScallopShell Necklace with Pearl and Scallop
Shell Necklace White PearlShell Necklace White Pearl

Shell Necklace White Pearl

Sale price$34.99
Montreal Shell Necklace CowriesMontreal Shell Necklace Cowries
Polynesian Shell NecklacePolynesian Shell Necklace

Polynesian Shell Necklace

Sale price$24.99
White Shell NecklaceWhite Shell Necklace

White Shell Necklace

Sale price$24.99


For decades, the shell necklace has stood the test of time. Worn around the neck, this marine jewel is a unique accessory, reminiscent of the sea and the ocean. Whether you're on the beach in summer, out with friends in autumn or simply at work, this timeless accessory will perfectly match the shape of your face and enhance your look.

At the center of ancestral traditions and meanings, the shell necklace is often used as a good-luck charm and to complete an outfit. In North America, Indians made ornaments from scallops, while in Africa, cowrie shells were worn as pendants.


Nowadays, seashell necklaces come in hundreds of models, in different lengths, shapes and colors... Whether you prefer to wear a pendant with a décolleté or a choker with a blouse, all combinations are possible! But how do you choose the right shell necklace?

To choose your necklace, you need to study your morphology, your size and your clothing style. The most important aspect is to respect the neckline, so that the jewel doesn't break the collar of your garment. In fact, if you're wearing a V-neck, U-neck, cowl-neck or similar, then wear it on your skin, and prefer the chain or shell pendant! Their advantages are length and discretion, which will enhance your curves and your skin. Long necklaces will naturally bring out a more bohemian style, suitable for free-spirited, self-confident women...

Your morphology is also very important. If your neck is slender and sleek, a choker could be just the thing! If not, opt for a long necklace. Your size will also influence your choice: the smaller you are, the more complicated it will be to wear long chains and necklaces... The shape of your face can also influence your choice of necklace. If your face is long and square, opt for a short cowrie shell necklace. If your face is round or heart-shaped, opt for a longer necklace.

Now let's think about the color and materials of your necklace: cotton or stainless steel? Gold or silver? Lobster clasp, pin, clip or sliding knot? It all depends on your taste! For example, pearls have a softer, warmer feel, while stones bring a certain energy thanks to their litotherapeutic properties. For a flashier look, you'll love sequins and crystals (quartz, zirconium...)!

The season is also important. In winter, the fashion for gold shell necklaces and ocean jewels has not said its last word! Who doesn't like to reminisce about their beach vacations? Choose chunky chains, stack necklaces and wear cool colors like blue, black or silver. If the weather warms up, go for brighter colors (pink, yellow, orange, light blue...), gold and cotton. If you're a woman who loves the beach and the tumult of the oceans, you're in for a treat, as the surfer necklace can take on a thousand and one colors!

Finally, it's important to choose your necklace according to the occasion for which you want to wear it. For a wedding or other formal occasion, don't hesitate to adopt the nautical style by wearing a white or gold necklace, sober colors that lend themselves perfectly to a wedding. If you're going out with friends, let your femininity shine through with a sautoir or shell choker, which will guarantee a provocative yet chic and elegant style. The choker is also a great gift for a birthday or Valentine's Day! And for work, opt for a fine chain, preferably in gold or silver, with a small shell hanging from the end. Accumulating jewelry is also very trendy!


This rather small mollusk (3 cm maximum) is flattened and rather irregular. Its color is pale, ranging from white to beige, with occasional darker patterns, from brown to green. Its opening is fairly wide, with pronounced denticles. It is often used by designers and craftsmen to make decorations of all kinds and exceptional jewelry.

For those looking for a trendy yet discreet accessory, the cowrie shell necklace is ideal. Many women adore its original shape and the white color found in the Pacific Ocean.

Cowrie shells were also used as currency in Africa and Asia, where they were very popular in the markets for buying rare commodities. In these countries, this shell was a true symbol of wealth and elegance! In fact, they still feature on some African banknotes and coins. A true African symbol, the cowrie shell is often used in rituals, and in the manufacture of numerous accessories and ornaments such as the shell necklace. In fact, this shell is said to have many different meanings and properties, depending on the country or village, and it can also foretell the future.

As for the virtues of this little shell, it is said to possess powerful benefits, bringing prosperity and wealth to its possessor. When someone is attracted to cowrie shells, it means they have a family link with the spirit of the ocean and sea creatures. Those who wear them are therefore assured of powerful protection from the ocean spirits. This is why cowrie shells are often found on traditional garments and jewelry in Asia, Oceania and Africa.

Finally, it is a symbol of fertility, its shape reminiscent of the female sex. It may also resemble an eye, hence its use in medicine to treat sight disorders. In short, the cowrie shell necklace is a real lucky jewel!


The shell necklace is a real treasure that draws its origin from the sea and the ocean. Bivalve or univalve mollusks, conchs, starfish, whelks, whelks, scallops, pearls... No matter if you want to reconnect with the delicacy of the waves, the softness of the beach or the mysteries of the seabed! You'll love these little aquatic animals, found in both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, which will be delighted to adorn your neck.

To wear this jewel simply and without overdoing it, consider your outfit as a whole. Complement it by combining colors as you see fit, without overdoing it. When hung around the neck, the shell necklace will add a touch of elegance to your look. Don't hesitate to add to your ensemble, which has been very much in vogue of late.

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